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Mods dont work for me Here's a screenshot of what happened to the mods

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7 hours ago, Hievcf said:

Pls Help MEeee

Try uninstalling and deleting everything in \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together and \SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\322330, Documents\Klei (Back up the Klei folder before deleting, because it contains your world), when reinstalling, install to the Steam installation drive

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The original mod by xVars (now called NubsPixel) hasn't been updated since 2016 and is unfortunately broken. The code Wilson uses for beard storage seems to conflict with the original mod somehow. You'll have to find another version if you want to use it. There are multiple modders attempting to pick up where xVars left off but some of them are also out of date. Be sure to check the comments for anybody saying it's broken/out of date. This one was last updated in June and seems to work, so I would recommend using that one.

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