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Ideas from uncompromising mode to make late game harder

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Currently, once the players survive a full year, the game becomes considerably easier. So here are some suggestions to make the second occurrences of each season harder. These ideas are all taken from the brilliant (but a bit overturned) uncompromising mod.

Autumn: rat raids. Basically if a large number of items are left on the ground or rot is left in containers, rats will raid your base and steal stuff. I like this because it rewards keeping a clean base and keeps autumn generally pretty easy.

Winter: Blizzards and snow piles. Not much to say other than these have such a cool vibe and make winter have that gritty harsh feeling.

Spring: Giant tornados and cave flooding. These mechanics are so cool, and the implementation in the mod just looks beautiful.

Summer: Smog, heat waves, and pyre nettles. The important one here is pyre nettles, as it removed basing in the caves from being an easy way to get around summer.

These mechanics could all start the second year at low frequencies, then ramp up further and further during the third and fourth year. With this, instead of difficulty ramping stopping after just 100 days, it would stop ramping after 280 days and late game would seem fresh and interesting.

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