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Soul jerky and spirit salve

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As a wortox main, id like to see more fun implementation for the soul stuff. Like making soul jerky that functions similar to monster jerky, but is only obtainable by wortox. If someone else tries to pick ot up it just crumbles like rock fruit or whatever. He could also be able to make a food called soul food by mixing kelp, turkey legs and a soul or 2 in a crocpot. If you put the souls in the crocpot and move 2 tiles away, have the souls disappear or whatever. 

It would be also fun if wortox was able to make a healing salve with souls too that he could combine with the already existing healing salve for a better heal overall.  Lots of people think his heals are underwhelming late game, but this could help it out a lot. It can also cost sanity if this is too op


I just feek like wortox is missing some of the games stuff. I love wortox and will always play him, but i feel like him not being able to be apart of the culinary stuff is a bit lame lol his favorite human food is pomegranate, but i never get pomegranate cause its too much work when i can just eat 2 souls and drop 1. You could make it so he could craft a soul pomegranate or something so its a bit more intincing to get him a pomegranate xD 


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Wortox is my second after Wormwood, and yeah, pomegranates are pretty worthless for him. If only the favorite food mechanic gave an independent buff to sanity as opposed to increased fullness. Oh well. Now, soothing tea is great, though keeping the forget-me-lots from bolting is a bit of a chore, and stuff like ice cream and vegetable stingers are pretty good too. Sanity aside though, Wortox is great at staying healthy and full, especially with access to killer bee nests and bramble husks.

As for healing, I don't see how Wortox could be considered underpowered at all. He's the best when it comes to healing, provided he's got a decent stockpile. No one has anything like his rapid group healing from soul drops. The problem is that supplies are limited, which could be alleviated if he could carry more, increase their potency, or both. As for soul-infused cooking, I don't see it, but perhaps he could gain some way to purify souls, and/or refine souls from nightmare fuel. Purified souls would be easier to hold onto, no good for eating; less filling, higher sanity drain, but provide more health and sanity upon release.


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1 hour ago, ShadowbirdRH said:

though keeping the forget-me-lots from bolting is a bit of a chore.

two tips!

If you have a field overrun weeds, you can torch it!

Second, as long that you keep one forget-me-lots alive, it will spawn more, so if all of yours are bolted already, dig them all except one, and it will grow others!

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