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How can I create a custom map for a dedicated server?

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I recently rented two servers to host Don't Starve Together, one for the forest and the other for the caves, more specifically on Nitrado servers, the thing is that I can't find a guide that explains how I can customize my server, (map size, enemies , amount of resources, even configuring the mods) as if I do it when I host a server locally, I asked customer service and they recommended that I ask in the Klei forums, and that is why I go to this forum to find out if someone can Tell me how to do this.

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Normally we create a save locally and then upload it to server, and regenerate worlds according to this save. Otherwise we have softwares to conveniently edit C:\Users\{your user name}\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\save name\Master or Caves\leveldataoverride.lua and modoverrides.lua. You can see the dedicated server forums.

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