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Brief feedback about the difficulty - game became almost too ez (?)

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I have played this game years ago and the current version seams extremely easy in comparison, either that or I am somehow much smarter now- VERY unlikely. Issue is for me in that it became a sim city builder and not a engineering sandbox, I will try to explain.

The buildings seem easier to operate, the heat/power consumption and even infections/bacteria seems turned waaaay down, even with the dupes at min immune setting its just, well easy.

It would be nice to have a harder setting other than the morale penalty/stress etc (the immune setting doesn't seem to do much), which imo is not harder just annoying, because the difficulty comes from colony management side and not mechanical design of your creations.

Just my 2 cents,  also making the asteroids smaller helped with the stutter at higher cycle count, or maybe it was the optimizations- anyway game runs smoother now- or so it seems- thank you for that.


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On 10/12/2023 at 7:34 PM, Primalflower said:

Aside from disease being tuned down, you're just better at the game now.

looking at the temps in my base with a refinery in the starting biome, i beg to differ.


Edit: I looked into this, and I actually could not find any changes that were done to support my accusations. I'm not sure what is happening, but I have a very different memory of even metal refinery that would explode the pipes when i used water in the past and boil my base, the new metal would be HOT and now its warm at best, and none of the catastrophes are happening and i keep churning metal ore in it whenever i need some. very very weird, starting to question reality again.

sorry for bother, however i will keep an eye on this phenomenon.

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