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A small UPDATE for Wormwood

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Hello everyone

After defeating all the toughest bosses for Wormwood, I was finally able to unlock the latest skills in the skill tree. The transformation of a carrot into a carrot rat, the transformation of a light bulb into a lamp beetle are the most amazing abilities that I now use constantly

I use lamp bugs and morkwo rats at the same time. And as the game progressed, I had several suggestions that would make the gameplay the most enjoyable.

When the carrot rat turns back into a carrot - the other remaining carrot rat can bring this carrot to Wormwood. Which allows you to immediately recreate the disappeared carrot rat. This is a very convenient mechanic.

Also, carrot rats bring Wormwood items that can rot, or that have already rotted. But why, when the bug lamp becomes a light bulb again, the carrot rat does not bring this light bulb to Wormwood?
Please make such an opportunity. I'm tired of losing light bulbs in caves)

Also, please add the possibility that carrot rats bring Wormwood poop. This would work great together with ipecacuanha syrup.
Especially if you gave syrup to several mobs, in turn, a few carrot rats could quickly collect poop for Wormwood.

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