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AddClassPostConstruct on a Screen

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Hi all,

I'm trying to do as below

local _G = GLOBAL
local require = _G.require

print("============= loaded mod")

AddClassPostConstruct("screens/multiplayermainscreen", function(MultiplayerMainScreen)
	print("====================== multiplayermainscreen")
	local oldOnModsButton = MultiplayerMainScreen.OnModsButton
	MultiplayerMainScreen.OnModsButton = function(MultiplayerMainScreen)
		print("====================== Clicked on mods button")

However, I can only see "=========== loaded mod" printed and not the others. I'm sure I've got it right in adding new functionality or replacing the function. But I don't understand how this does not work. Is this the old way of doing things?

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I too found out about screens/redux/ a few hours ago after scourging through the workshop for a mod that does this.

So to those who are still unclear, your code should look like this,

AddClassPostConstruct("screens/redux/multiplayermainscreen", Your_Function)


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