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[Don't Starve Together] Suggestions for version update

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1."Brilliant scarecrow" and "brightshade stock"

Players can obtain brilliant scarecrows by making or upgrading scarecrows.When the portal generates Brightshade Gestalt, the Brightshade Gestalt will be attracted by the brilliant scarecrow, which can attract 9-12 Brightshade Gestalt and keep them from parasitizing plants.

Players can make brightshade stock.When the Brightshade Gestalt selects the parasitic target, if there are brightshade stock near the parasitic target, the brightshade stock will be parasitic first, which ignores the density rule.Brightshade stock can separate brightshade Gestalt attracted by the brilliant scarecrow, so that Brightshade Gestalt can parasitize Brightshade stock first, so as to achieve the effect of breaking them one by one or transplanting Brightshade.

2.Wigfrid's skill tree

Wigfrid can make a low-pitched music score.After Wigfrid sings music, he will improve the resistance to repulsion and deceleration.

Wigfrid can make a music score from another world.After singing, Wigfrid can convert some of his attack and defense into Planar Defense and Planar Damage.

 One of these skills can make Wigfrid gain gradually increasing attack power and defense power and life recovery in continuous fighting.

3.Optimization of Fighting with the Toadstool

No matter whether there are many people or not, fighting with the Toadstool is a boring process. You can try to optimize the Toadstool.

For example, when the Toadstool is planting trees, a corrupt tree is added. Cutting down the corrupt tree can make the Toadstool into a weak state and delay the next planting. The sooner the corrupt tree is cut down, the stronger the effect will be.

4.Beefalo with a tendency to bear burdens.

I think we can change the current beefalo with a tendency to follow into beefalo with a tendency to bear loads, because the beefalo with a tendency to follow are not beneficial to players at present.

Domesticated beefalo will be better at carrying loads than riding.Players can make plowing saddles or storage saddles.Even beefalo can carry heavy things alone.Beefalo with a tendency to bear loads will take the initiative to avoid the battle after the battle begins.

5.The Lazy Deserter that can be used by one person.

Players can make a Shadow waiter and put it on The Lazy Deserter.Touch The Lazy Deserter to open the menu.Activate distant shadow waiter by consuming materials,The shadow waiter will touch the The Lazy Deserter and help us start the The Lazy Deserter.Even if it will consume. more resources, we don't care, we just need this function.

6.Wanda enhancement.

In the new version, due to the existence of plane damage and plane defense, Wanda's attack effect and defense effect are greatly weakened.Wanda's passivity needs to reduce blood volume as much as possible to play an effective role.This will make Wanda very easy to die, at the same time, the attack power is very low, and it cannot trigger the weakness of the new boss.

I hope I can add a little plane damage to Wanda's Alarming Clock, or Wanda can add more damage to plane weapons when he is old. I also hope Wanda can get more plane defense from armor when she gets older.

7.Warly's skill tree.

One of the skills can make Warly shorten the time of anorexia.Let Warly make more food-related items, and Warly has better effects when using food-related items.Doing so can improve the personal gaming experience of players when using Warly's role.Warly can directly release the effect of food for teammates who are inconvenient to eat to recover.Or Warly can feed his companions by hand to make them gain more.This will increase Warly's role in the battlefield.

8.Dispersed Flare

LShooting dispersed flares can make hounds or depths worm be generated in advance.Launching dispersed flares at sea can suppress the generation of Pirate raid, Gnarwail and Rockjaw.Every time you fight with your boss or decorate your home carefully, their appearance will be very troublesome.

9.Wonkey's skin

As a character, even if it is a cursed character state, I hope it can have a skin.Of course, this is only my personal hope.

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