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[HELP]How to make InventoryItem Image gets shadow_FX just like Tophat_magician?

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Hello guys!

I figured out how to rebuild shadow_FX like tophat_magician on my custom weapon and its image of recipe.

But I couldn't find any sample that explain how the shadow_FX works on inventoryitem image.

Does anyone who did research on it can tell me how it works?

I am deeply apprectiative of all your feedback.


This is how the shadow_FX works on the image of recipe.

    {Ingredient("prefab", num)},
    fxover={ bank="inventory_fx_shadow", build="inventory_fx_shadow", anim="idle" }

The way that works on swap_item can read the code of "function top_convert_to_magician(inst)" in hats.lua. 

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The shadow_FX is defined in widgets/itemtile.lua

To give your custom item the same effects, you could either modify ItemTile widget, such that it sets showequipshadowfx to true when the widget's item is your custom item. Or give your custom item "magiciantool" tag.

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