Quality of life changes for Wortox and Woodie

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I just had two quick ideas that I believe could greatly improve the quality of life of Woodie and Wortox that just make sense.

  First, all my friends agree that since Woodie's deal is an everlasting war with the forest. I believe he should gain a small amount of sanity when chopping or after having chopped down a tree. However since he does so often it would have to be an amount such as 3 sanity so it could not be abused.

 Second, Wortox being my favorite character to play as I had an idea for improving his character. And since everyone hates him anyway I figured why not. I believe that he should spawn into the constant with something similar to the krampus sack backpack. Having this along with the ability to teleport would make him the ideal character for mobility and gathering/stealing  resources much like he did when he did chill with Krampus in the animatic short. However, I think there should be a restriction to this backpack item because giving him a literal Krampus sack of spawn could easily be abused through respawning through the upgraded portal and getting an easy huge amount of them for everyone instead of working for a sought after item. This restriction could be something simple like only Wortox can pick up the sack. Much like Woodie's axe, Lucy. 

  These are some simple changes to characters that would make them them much more enjoyable to play as. And I for one would love to see them implemented into don't starve together.


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