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Perk trees, and what they’re trying to accomplish

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I think that the perk trees are not really intended as a “character rework 2.0. i believe they have a few deeper purposes (even if i am not so sure about implementation). I do want to mention that i am not really sold on the idea of perk trees and i think klei could have spent development time more effectively, but its their game.

i believe that the purpose of the perk trees is to drip feed perks to provide a sense of progression with new players (a really good idea), to provide customization for players, to put final polishes on character and possibly most importantly:to provide some subtle direction for those same new players.

i think this is most obvious when you look at wormwoods perk tree:

One of the very first perk you can get is identifying seeds. This hints to a new player that this character has something special to do with farming. It also is massively helpful for new players who might not notice the gardeneer hat. In that same direction: blooming buffs. New players will ask whats blooming, and maybe look it up. Also the mushroom planters will tell them “hey those living logs you made could be used to plant those mushrooms you see around” a not so immediately obvious use, but still helpful, while remaining useful to the more experienced players.

Look at woodies tree, its cut into two segments, transformations, and woodie himself, that provides a subtle reminder that woodie is not just something you sit in while you wait to transform again, he’s a strong “transformation” on his own. 

it also basically flat out tells the player looking at it what each transformation is good at. The beaver has gathering bonuses the moose has fighting bonuses and the goose has mobility bonuses. It all makes sense without spelling it out.

(I havent really looked at wolfgang but i’m sure theres stuff there to support this theory too)

it also provides customization and polishes some characters. But honestly its a bit of a false customization. There ARE “best options” and once you get the celestial portal you can swap from your early game build to a late game build, but i kinda like that (i also kind of dont)

my point is that i do think this update is aiming to help new players, and to kind of hook them. I think us more experienced players are too used to having 1000 hours to consider how this looks to a new player.

heck i remember the attempts to locate and unlock webber when i first started. That desire to find the thing i wanted to unlock kind of jumpstarted my fascination with the series, and these perks may well do the same for a new player. And we could honestly use some new players, the servers are kind of sad tbh

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