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Is it possible to prevent the Scrapbook from saving?

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tl;dr Is there a way to prevent new entries saving in the Scrapbook (or any other Compendium feature, like the Cookbook) using a mod or a debug setting?


I really like the Scrapbook feature. But I'm not very good at playing the game (I usually play solo) so it takes me awhile to get to late-/end-game items. Unfortunately, the character mod I'm developing interacts with many of the aforementioned rare items; testing these items with the character inevitably adds them to the Scrapbook. I've attempted to disable the Scrapbook myself but so far I've only gotten to disable saving on completely offline worlds; online worlds will still save to the Scrapbook. My best solutions were to set the "save_enabled" boolean in the ScrapbookPartitions class to false, and even overwriting the class' Save function with one that is a single return command (which I feel is dangerous and silly) via AddGlobalClassPostConstruct.

Is there a way to disable the Scrapbook from saving using a mod or a debug command/environment that disables saving? I would also like to know if it's possible with other features like the Scrapbook, such as the Plant Registry or Wilson's Skill Tree.

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