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Make Woodie pick/harvest things faster (base on skill tree) while riding a beefalo, and make Moose movement speed better.

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Ok I want to discuss 2 things.

1. I would like Woodie's perk to be reliable while riding a beefalo because at the moment when ever he pick up/harvests things its normal harvesting speed. Unless someone would like argue me otherwise on why they should not change it, I would gladly listen to anyone's opinion so that it help me give a better view about woodies perk.

2. I was thinking of like making the Moose base movement speed as Default as any other survivor, and instead making the first Moose perk not only more resistant to hitting obstacles, but moves a bit faster like (Base movement speed of Moose is 100% (same as other survivors), while the perk gives you 10% therefore making the Moose move 110% speed). The only reason I thought about this because we all know that base Weremoose is very underwhelming and desperately relies on the perks to be "viable", while other forms are functional as there own, the Moose is a sluggish clunky beast that's only good on most monsters, only a good wave clearing crowd control beast. So if the player gets to only put 1 on the skill tree for the Moose, you now move 110%, while having 90% damage reduction and damage equal to a Hambat.

This is my first ever suggestion on this forum. I just really want Woodie to be like great character both with people and his own since I heard he gets outclass by Maxwell which basically a S tier meta character leaving Woodie underwhelming on some parts (I'm talking to you Weremoose, I love you soooooo much but god your awful on most fights and bosses when you don't have your perks ._.)

To sum it up:
1. Make picking/harvest as woodie with his faster harvest perk function with the beefalo riding (unless you have an opinion to say no otherwise and want to share it, go I will listen to your thoughts)

2. Make Base movement speed the same as other survivors so his not generally bad at kiting, and while picking the 1st perk for the Moose he gets 110% total movement speed because the form is meant for combat anyways so make it better for the Moose :D

Feel free to like argue on my thoughts if its good or bad for the game and his Weremoose form, I will gladly accept any critics and like ways to change my mind on his perks because right now we know his pretty good and a happy Canadian lumberjack becuase of the update Klei as given us <3.

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