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silly post about predicitions of what characters will get their skilltrees on the same update

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I think these selection of characters for the first round of skilltrees was magnificent.

We have woodie, a very underwhelming character that was in need of new perks that the skilltree solved.

We have wolfgang, a character which main perks basically got erased after the introduction of plannar mechanics and that once again gets his power.

And wormwood showing that between the skilltrees will be a lot of variety to the point that not even all characters are guranteed to have both types of affinity (maxwell having exclusive shadow affinity confirmed ?).

in less word an excelent presentation of what the skilltrees can achieve and what can we expect from them.

With these said i though it would be fun to try to predict wich groups of characters will be chosen for these updates. And please if you also have prediction on hte matter feel free to post them here.


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