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I think these 3 characters were shown for a reason.

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I spent a long time thinking about this and i think it was supposed to a show of good faith. They mostly picked 3 characters that have the widest range of possibility of skill tree strength. Woodie has nothing going on, and he has the strongest skill tree when can imagine my only complaint is the werebeaver mastery is the only one that feels like it is actually worth using. Moose and goose feel like they are not worth picking over aoe ground slam. 

Wormwood has the most middle of the road perks with some strong aliment perks. he has some useless paths to go down but he gets some cool followers and a strong attack with a now much better sword. People are talking about how a lot of the perks on Wormwood feel underwhelming but he was not on the same level as bad as Woodie. 

Wolfgang was I think the most important one for this first set of 3. He has been meta for his whole life. Even his rework did not hurt him that much by the end of it. (I personally think he is stronger but whatever). His perks are almost worthless, and that's good. His planer damage is buffed and i think this was only done because they went out of their way to make it less strong on him. His only "good" perks are the ones locked behind alignment and even then that's nothing. I don't know if the staff is buffed by Wolfgang's perks but if it is then that needs to be chnaged.

I think i understand why Klei is doing this. Don't starve is a rougelite. Don't starve together has pretty much dropped the idea of being one anymore. This system is a way to make progression come for even older players. There are just a  few problems that i don't think they will fix.

1. Progress is kept between saves. This really ruins a lot of things. It is easily cheesed to get to max points. And means it actually just new perks forever. I don't think this will ever change as the perks are chose as if you can start the game with them otherwise a lot of these are worthless. ( I don't know if aliment perks stay locked between runs until you kill the boss again otherwise more damage against shadow creatures will always be way better.)

2. Some characters are just better now. Before this update willow and woodie were on the same tier of bad, but now woodie is just objectively better and will be untill she gets her perks in a minimum of a month.

3. This is another round of new perks. They are doing 3 at a time now but hopy shift i don't want another year of this please just add them along normal updates like this probbly would have just been a QOL update but this got tacked on. I don't ever want these to be the main focus of the team.

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