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A suggestion about the Wormwood in test server

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I noticed that in Wormwood's skill tree, there are some creations of moon ally creatures.

As we all know, starfish, one of the unique creatures of Lunar Island, has always been known for its rarity and non-renewability.

Therefore, I request that it be included in Wormwood's crafted items to achieve its regeneration.

Compared with the manufacture of berry bushes, etc., it is completely acceptable to design the manufacturing conditions of starfish to be more harsh.

Finally, a small suggestion, through Wormwood's skill tree, it is possible to craft berry bushes and succulent berry bushes, however, three-leaf berry bushes seem to be ignored, I request it to be added to the creation technology tree.

Thank you so much.


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I like the idea of Wormwood being able to craft anenemy in order to allow renewability, but I find that unrealistic as the anenemy aren’t made of plant material, even if Wormwood has an close connection to the moon. I do think allowing Wormwood to make juicy berry bush allow for an unique niche.

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