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Wilson, and Skill Trees

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I see there's a lot of controversy regarding a 2nd round of "reworks" and how giving everyone a skill tree no longer makes Wilson's rework unique at all. As a DST fan with a few thousand hours in the game over the years, here are some of my thoughts.



I understand those who are disappointed that Wilson's rework is no longer unique. However, I think some context is needed. Wilson was always a vanilla character. Prior to the rework, his only perk was his beard. He had average stats, no upsides and no downsides. Wilson didn't need any reworking. His skill tree expanded on his beard lore and gave him some new skills related to being a scientist. To those who complain about his lack of "uniqueness", I just don't know how his rework could have made him more "unique". His major perk was being vanilla and his rework kept him that way. Giving him combat, resource gathering, farming, fishing, travel perks just wouldn't make any sense. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to avoid giving everyone skill trees. This is a needed mechanic to let survivors choose between the lunar/shadow factions. 


Potential remedies (Re: Wilson)

1. Give wilson more skill points than any other survivor (since he's the scientist)

2. Allow wilson to jointly take part in both factions instead of making it a 1 or the other choice 

3. Wilson's skill tree likely isn't even complete. His skill tree will probably get adjusted as things get added

4. I'm sure you guys have other ideas that the devs would like to hear


Every survivor gets a skill tree

I don't think this is a bad thing. For once, the constant is actually changing and giving player options to adapt better to this changing environment is a positive. I actually wasn't a big fan of the old reworks because it just made all the survivors powerful while the constant did not introduce any new challenges to justify making such powerful survivors. More importantly, the beauty of DST is optionality. 18 different survivors where you can do whatever the heck you want to do. These new skill trees will allow DST to have even more optionality. 18 survivors could become 36 if a lunar aligned wolfgang is notably different from a shadow aligned wolfgang. While this may be  a slight exaggeration in terms of how unique a shadow vs lunar aligned survivor may be, I think you guys get the point. It's a net positive in my book and expands on 1 of the pillars of what makes DST one of the best survival games out there.

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