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I cannot use mod【Don't Starve Together】

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When I finished subscribing to the mod on the creative workshop and opened the game, the game said I didn't update the mod.

After I clicked on the update, it started downloading, but there was no response afterwards

My mod is not in the folder

But in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\322330,My mod has already been downloaded

I tried many methods but couldn't solve them

屏幕截图 2023-07-04 010520.png

屏幕截图 2023-07-04 010820.png

屏幕截图 2023-07-04 010909.png

屏幕截图 2023-07-04 011002.png

屏幕截图 2023-07-04 011049.png

屏幕截图 2023-07-04 011221.png

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