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Questions about static layouts

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So I was checking how the worldgen works, if I'm understanding correctly, it follows a set of tasks (found in dst_tasks_forestworld.lua) that make sure certain things spawn.

So TLDR, the world has rooms, and the rooms contain the prefabs and layouts that are needed in a world.

But I don't quite understand how the game handles static layouts that always spawn in the world.

Those would be:
- Some (except for moon island) RoT content (Crabking, salt stacks, waterlogged biomes)
-The suspicious marble sculptures (bodies)
-The "setting the stage" content (Charlie's stage and the terrarium chest)
-Nightmare werepig spawn points (though my guess is this one works smilar to klaus sack and isn't part of the layouts)

So my questions would be:
1- Do they have room names?
Pearl and Monkey Island do. Is that related to how these setpieces require ground to spawn? To avoid the worldgen connecting them to the mainland?
2- Is there a command similar to c_gotoroom("roomname") that works with static layouts? (besides c_gonext("prefabname"))

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