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One Last Feedback For The Cannon (important)

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I wanted to add one more improvement to the cannon that will help players greatly with a slight issue I've had while using the cannon. The improvement I want the developers to add to the cannon is an indicator that shows how much ammo you have left in the cannon. But this indicator will only show up if they have the cannon equipped. I'll show two pictures to show what I came up with that you guys might consider adding to the cannon. 


This is how the indicator will show up, six blocks showing beneath the player's feet that will stay there until they lose or unequip the cannon and switch to another weapon. As I said before, this will show the current player's ammo in the cannon, but the following picture will happen when they use up their first three shots/bullets.


When the player is on their last three shots/bullets, the color changes to blue, indicating that their following three shots/bullets will deal focus damage. And when the player is out of ammo, the bar will be clear/transparent, just like you see here. Even if this is a minor update to the cannon, I think it will help a huge amount as players don't have to mentally remember how many shots they used up left and how many they currently had left and not get hurt by their enemies when they make a mistake themselves having bullets left when in reality they used it all up.

That's all on the cannon improvement. Hopefully you guys can consider implementing this into the game! And yes I know the images are scuffed but I couldn't get into the game one last time to get clear pictures before the playtest ended, so instead I got them from a video.

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