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For this MOD to charge CD-KEY to unlock the game props / equipment reported.

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The link to this mod is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2066838067
Report reason: this MOD has some props, weapons and equipment, you
need to buy CD-KEY to get and use. The relevant props can be used
C give("tz_fh_ly"),C give("tz_fh_ns"),C give("tz_fh_nx"),C give("tz_fh_ht"),C give("tz_fhgx"),C give("tz_fhft"),C give("tz_fh_fl"),C give("tz_fh_fishgirl") ,C give("tz_fh_ml"),C give("tz_fhdx"),C give("tz_fhbm"),C give("tz_fh_xhws"),C give("tz_fh_you"),C give("tz_fh_jhz"),C give("tz_fhspts"),C give("tz_fhym"),C give("tz_fh_hf"),C give("tz_fhzc")and C_ give("tz_fhzlz") to get, but can not. These props have
no other way of unlocking than CD-KEY in the game, and the only way
to get CD-KEY is to buy it like the mod author team. I think this is a
violation of Klei's rules regarding the functionality of the Creative


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