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Improving the game experience in Wormwood and Warly

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Now one of the pain points of wormwood and warly  is actually battle back to blood heavily dependent on the bat knife, but the early bulk to get purple gems a bit of trouble. I played Klaus ate a sugar bean, the result gave me a bird beak a mandrake blood loss # (sinister) .
This time I thought of wormwood change method, reference robot, can greatly improve wormwood's mid-term involvement, is that you can use low popularity crops to do cost-effective items::
For example, watermelon live wood glass pieces to do watermelon bombs, throw out can give teammates back to blood back to san, to add moisture to the monster, wormwood with watermelon cap can slowly back to blood
For example, durian live wood glass to do durian bombs, thrown out can cause damage fear and slow down the enemy.
For example, eggplant live wood glass to do eggplant hammer, 58 damage can give wormwood back to blood. Use pomegranate potatoes to make potato mines
wormwood can use pumpkin live wood and moon rock to do pumpkin helmet 85% damage reduction 90 waterproof, with carrot kelp and live wood to do walking stick
The outstanding feature is that wormwood do these crops weapons are fresh and at least all need live wood, so that can also highlight the role of wormwood farming. Otherwise, I am now playing up the feeling that the seed is san +10, in addition to meatballs and baked monster meat to pick up what to eat. This change strength appropriate and will not become rub XXX tool people can also greatly improve the medium-term playability and fun.

And then I think Warly could make better use of his spices and delicacies to get stronger buffs or the buffs for longer time. while he can cook delicacies from the shadows or the moon to change the camp after consumption. We also need skins for the little red pot. As a 1200h chef player, I want the chef to be able to play alone with less difficulty and less over-reliance on onions.




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