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another three suggestions

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I have been playing for a while and there are another three suggestions here:

  • Please allow players to open their own status panel by pressing "i" in the combat scene to check their current status, including critical hit chance, critical hit damage, weapon damage, run speed, and other detailed information that I prefer to call "technical indicators".

    I believe this is important for not only single players but also future multiplayer interactions because there are certain things that are more enjoyable when shared with friends these informations, such as saying, "Hey guys, look at my movement speed reaching 208%! I'm faster than all of you!"

    Of course, to prevent players from switching their equipments, I suggest disabling interaction with the equipment inventory in the combat scene.


  • For cannon-type weapons, they do not have the concept of dodge, but there are still powers and skills related to dodge show up. I find this very confusing because it serves no purpose and is completely ineffective. For example, in my current battle, I selected "tuck and roll" while using a cannon, thinking that it would trigger by the "dodge effect" from heavy hits. However, it turns out that this power is completely useless for cannons.
    My suggestions is to disable these useless power when using the cannon-type weapons please



  • Some text may be ambiguous in terms of its meaning. For instance, I remember there is a skill related to parry that says, "when you parry, then XXXXXXX." I believe it should be clarified as "when you successfully parry" instead of "when you made a parry action." There is a significant difference between these two, and I think further modifications are needed in the text.
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