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Pole Vault Buffs

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the spear is my favorite weapon, but the pole vault ability is very underwhelming,

It seems like a less useful version of the standard dodge, i have thought of some buffs that might make it more enticing to use:

I-frames: if the vault made you invulnerable sooner, it would be more useful as a dodge, but as it is, i often get hit out of the startup animation

hitbox: currently the spear hits the ground as you vault but doesnt deal any damage, it could instead deal 50-75 damage when you stab the ground in a short radius,

Throwing small enemies: this might be a bit complicated, but maybe it could pick up smaller enemies and throw them to be spaced for a heavy attack to hit the tip of the spear. that way vault into heavy attack would be a big damage true combo, similar to how the default special attack spaces for a focus attack

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