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Huge feedback and suggestions list

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Hey everyone! I hope yall are having a nice day. So anyways, after beating both bosses on a few frenzy levels i got somethings to say. and what's a better place to drop some feed back than the forums. ill divide the feedback into segments for each topic. hopefully its not too lengthy to read :D 

excuse my English in advance, its not my first language.   


  1. Hammer: this weapon was overall well made. Sometimes it could feel spammy with the heavy attack, but mostly its a fun and a nice weapon. not too much to say.
  2.  Canon: this weapon has so many problems. first of all the entire gameplay of this gun consists of you spamming the heavy attack only, no combos or anything. the light attack feels very underpowered and pointless to use. the artillery feels straight up unusable, too slow, too little damage and too long of a wind up. that being said, the weapon is extremely overpowered D: !! i was losing to bosses like 6 times with other weapons the moment i swapped to the cannon i started beating them all on the first try even on high frenzy levels. the fact u can just dodge and do damage at the same time with your heavy makes the gameplay loop vs bosses so abusable and trivial. there is one item in particular that is very problematic, Yammo Helm. it makes your heavy attacks do 40% which is extremely powerful since the cannon just tends to spam heavy attack all the time.  summary: its so boring you just spam heavy 100% of the time and one shot anything on screen if u pick up damage powerups, especially crit. its  seriously overpowered.  probably the reason why most of my friends thought the gun was bad is because you need to adjust your playstyle to the reload.
  3. spear: probably the most fun weapon in the game rn!  very well designed, a lot of my friends who played the game ended up using the spear. all the different attacks for this weapon feel like they are usable in different situations. on top of that, the weapon is fluid, fast and the hitting an enemy with the tip mechanic is satisfying.  10/10
  4. the ball: i never bothered to use this honestly, felt like I needed to put too much effort to use it. the damage payoff didn't look like the gun is worth putting all the effort in aswell. However, i do appreciate the creativity with this weapon. 


noticed that the second zone arenas has a bigger horizontal space to move around, so that got me wondering. will some arenas have vertical spaces? if they add vertical spaces, this will open up a lot of interesting layouts and allow the devs to maybe make some sort of chambers with different rooms and loot chests perhaps. similar to mazes if u don't get what I mean. 

I say this because after playing for a while, I just don't see how the current arena size is gonna fit 4 players in. it can barely fit 2 players right now. 

I like how the first arena has this bombs scattered around, but the second one has spores laying around. still it feels like maybe they need something more to distinct each area than just the enemies. I still don't understand what the environmental objects are supposed to be used for? they don't really do anything rn, it would be nice if breaking them gave you some loot at least or konjour. maybe even it has a chance to spawn some enemies.


the first mini-boss: might be pointless to write about him since he already got nerfed. but even then, the first mini-boss still feels so janky in his animations and I legit cant tell whether he's gonna hit me or not. one other thing about him is how he feels disconnected from his visual design. when I play against him I feel like he should be doing a lot less damage and has waaaay more health. u can nearly two shot the boss, but at the same time he can one shot u D: I never expect this much damage from the first mini-boss. just feels weird to go against him honestly.  summary: he should do a lot less damage and has a lot more health. he doesn't feel like he's difficult bcs he's hard, but instead bcs he's too janky and hard to gauge.  

the second mini-boss: 

I have nothing to say about this except its straight up perfection! i love this min-boss so much :D  he's so fast, so sharp, so agile, so hard. the visual design is also amazing the attack patterns and animations capture his precision and lethality very well. 


frenzy levels: 

 at first i planned to beat both zones to frenzies level 10, but i quickly got bored of it cuz it felt so repetitive and each frenzy level was just more hp. I don't believe a fast paced game like this should increase hp levels bcs it just makes everything more boring since the combat is already simple. i suggest maybe making each zone 3-5 frenzy levels at most honestly, 10 is kinda overkill, at least for me. 

skills and combat in general:

combat: first of all, i love the combat! its fluid, fast and simple. however, maybe its too simple?? D: sometimes i feel like the combat can be so repetitive  especially if u lost a run multiple times or  if you're playing on a frenzy level.  i wish there was just a bit more combos we can do, like the game could really use one more button to mash for each weapon. the combat will remain simple, but there will be one more button to press to mix up ur combos :D 

skills: even after beating bosses on frenzy 5, I still didn't use a skill once the whole playthrough in any of my runs. they don't really feel impactful the way I'd hoped. the only skill that was kinda usable (and mostly just bcs it was fun) is the pole vault skill.  it would be really fun if skills were replaced by some sort of long cooldown abilities. for example, let the spear skill be on a 5 seconds cooldown and make it a swift dash that does damage and pierce enemies that can animation cancel. this way people will be able to finish up some of their combos with a spear dash into another combo streak! just think of the possibilities of how fun this could be ;) Another example: the canon ability (15 secs cd ) fires a  rocket strike on all enemies like a homing missile.

overall, the game is amazing and has a lot of potential to be something huge! I do trust the devs will treat the game with the love it deserves <3


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