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Rock lobster herd behavior

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Can anyone explain how rock lobster herds work in DST? Internet searches turn up a bunch of outdated references to surface overpopulation in original DS, but only limited and contradictory info about the current state of DST. Did they get any of the herd location behavior updates beefalo got a bit back? Is it possible to split / grow herds or are the 2 herds that worldgen provided the only ones that will ever exist?

I've been able to relocate entire 6 lobster herds from place to place using rocks and walking, but separating them I only seem to get the dreaded "pathing into a wall".

Is there a "year of the lobster" in the chinese calendar? They're cool looking and tough as rocks but as followers they seem a little rough.

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It is impossible to split the herd. Though there used to be a bug allowing so.

No there's no year of the rock lobster. Nothing similar :/

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