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Ability to rollback unintentional world regeneration

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As the title says, I think the ability to rollback a world regeneration would be a useful addition to the settings. I assume that at least a few players once had something come up that they had to attend to. Thinking it was probably safe to leave your character alone for a few minutes, or using the pause feature to pause the game. Just to find that your main world was gone and you were on a character select screen. And I am one of those unfortunate souls that had that happen to me. 

How that happened to me was me and my brother were playing in a LAN server he was hosting and I had to go do something that required a bit of time. So my brother paused the server and we both left our devices to do separate things. While we were AFK, one of our siblings came by and unpaused the world, leaving both my and his character exposed to the elements of Don't Starve Together. Both our characters died and counted down until world regeneration occurred. When we finally came back we found that our screens were on the character select. After seeing this we weren't too happy and I suggest that he takes a look at the rollback to see if we could rollback to the previous world. Alas we could not.


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Though I empathize with your plight, this is unnecessary. Regularly backing up your world will not only save you from incidents like this, but also protect your world from loss by issues outside of your control like corruption from a crash or other computational strangeness, or accidentally selecting Regenerate instead of Rollback.

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