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Rotwood Play test feedback

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The art is great the game feels responsive haven't seen/felt any lack of input response no delays(really great).

But it's not all good all day stuck fighting could only beat Mother Treek once and it was with a power combination that made it almost impossible to get damaged just by spin attacking with the spear I have been trying to defeat it again in the same difficulty for more than half a day and no success what so ever boss spawns way too much enemies for the type of attacks it has after dropping bellow half health also Yanno or whatever the stinky orange guy with a club is named often deals damage to you when visually it never hit.

I normally wouldn't complain about difficulty I played souls like games and made stupid challenges that made it extra hard example being Code Vein no partner pipe only run(this was the definition of torture and the bosses still where never getting me stuck for half the amount of hours that I have been stuck on Mother Treek) the boss itself has good values it's damage is good for a first boss the hp it has is good although for the Hp it has the amount of minions it summons is a bit too much it gets too a point that you have no room to dodge without hitting something and that can get you killed from full health to none because you become stun locked and have no space to fall and get up safely, my advice would be lowering the number of enemies spwaned or to keep the number of enemies the same the boss itself spawn less bombs or less roots that attack you from all those paterns from bellow.

The spear feels great but the hammer feels underwelming the damage it can do is more arround burst than dps and the reach makes it so that the first spear can easily perform better than and tier 2 hammer despite the fact that tier 2 weapons can have a gem and the first spear can't just because you have the same health and resistances with both making the spear the safe option while still being better at dps despite having lower base damage value, a sugestion would be as an incentive to play with the hammer the special ability could provide damage resistance example: for each enemy hit gain 2% damage resistance for 10 seconds and either having cd for the passive equal to the amount of time under the effect of bonus resistance or making it so a new activation would clear the previous one and reset the time under resistance(example:order in court htting 2 enemies gain 4% damage resist for 10 secs but you manage to land order in court on 4 enemies after 5 seconds you lose the previous damage resistance and gain the new one because of a higher value of 8% damage resistance for 10 secs if the number of enemies hit was the same as the first hit it would either do nothing or just refresh the damage resuction buff timer) it's just an ideia how to make the hammer feel better without overloading it with damage buff since it's damage is already good.

The second boss is cool fought him once and almost killed it the only issue is his hp is higher right as it's normal but the weapons you can now craft with materials from the second zone are literally just a reskin of the hammer and the spear only has a different hability the damage is still the same for anyone that is not interested in collecting all items maybe the spear because of the vault ability might be worth but for damage they are the same so there is no use to craft it's a bit of a waste of corestones that you can use to get food cooked for you to have an extra starting bonus.

The foods system is great but the healing food will only give you a bigger raw benefit than the max hp one after 13 clearings/stages meaning with potion clearings and the max HP food you can perform always better than with the healing one while having the benefit of being a bit more tanky.

Onto the next topic breastplate of Yanno I have tested this with the plate max upgrade while attacking I take 90 damage when I get damaged it's cool since the plate states it reduces damage while not attacking but I take 90 damage while on a dodge roll I have the Yanno helmet so I can't deal damage with a dodge roll meaning during a dodge roll I can't attack without doing a spin attack from the spear but anyway I tested it again to see if I could have accidentally pressed m2(RMB - right mouse button) so I took my hand of the mouse and rolled into damage again still 90 damage taken, meaning the one time the armor was going to do something it isn't doing because dodge roll is counting as attacking if I had the Banion Helmet that would be fine and justified as you can roll to attack with the banion helmet but no other helmet gives you damage or knock back on the dodge roll so the armor provides you with nothing if you dodge roll and miss the small window or worse if you escape what you wanted to dodge and get damaged by something else.

With all out of the way I think the game is very good I will most surely play the game after it's full release I am already hyping my friends about the game, mainly one of my best friends that plays Don't Starve Together with me often and I think we'll love the game the dodge roll could feel a bit more fluid though but the character combact is generally fluid and super responsive it's a great fighting experience.

I put my feedback here since the F8 is too small. 

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