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echsricks suggestions of what i belive could make the game into a better game

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this probably gets more stuff in the future aswell

-more "races" and customization changes
 there 3 at the momend, but given npcs there many more species out there, ok obvious thing from me to say first would be lizard/dragon playable, anyways what i have been thinkin is that at some point into the game or maybe at the town with no progression needed is that you can find like a wardrobe there where you can just change your looks freely, even change the playable species if you so wish

-a 5 room toturial
 after the little intro cutsceene, you do a short mini toturial dungeon so to say thats not too hard to complete, i say this because i was confused of how long i had to go untill i realized i could just give up and go home instandly, not realizing it was like the real game, here is a suggestion of how the toturial dungeon could work,in the first room the fox flit explains to you some basic combat mechanics, then room 2 and 3 are some small easy enemy encounters, room 4 is the potion shop with 1 of the recruitable npcs, and room 5 have you fight an easy mini boss, after you completed the toturial you get accress to the town and the rest of the game progression

-more balance
  what i mean is that it does not feel right that a normal enemy just deals 1/4 of your max health like that, it can feel very discouragin, and the fact its single player feels like im supposed to be with more then myself with the difficulty

-attack range
  with that i mean being able to attack up and down instead of only left and right, because it just kind of ruins the flow needing to walk around just to be able to hit something, alsol it would be helpfull to be able to fully know what enemies damage hitboxe sometimes are when they attack, like make a red circle or something to be able to know what to avoid so you dont feel cheated into takin damage sometimes

-more meaningfull level ups
  because it appears level ups just give you more random power up choices in the dungeons that you may never randomly get or dont feel like wanting to use it at all, my suggestion would be to alsol increase the characters stats slightly on a level up

-some explanation of what things do
  like konjure, i was thinkin it was like money, wich it kinda is, but its not permanend money its dungeon only money, took a while for me to even realize that, or the fact that the potion is alsol a dungeon only thing and that you can only have 1 at a time and not a thing you can stack up on in total like in the town, or that the random giver upgrates a random power i have, but the game dont tell me what actualy dit upgrate to me

-power choice
  after you defeat the mini boss, there 2 differend kinds of power sources, like a shield and an electric one, currently you cant check both power sources what they offer, because if you go to 1 you are locked to that kind of power choice, i tried pressing escape to see what the other power source could give me  but i only got konjure out of it and i ended up with nothing, that needs to change so i can see every power option

-more then 1 save slot
  just as it says, like having 3 differend save slots with each there own delete save option for there own save slot

-more weapon types
  i have a good feeling that this will get added, but here may be some ideas anyways
sword and shield, using this automaticaly gives you more defense by default but less attack, hitting enemies makes the enemy more likely to go for you, and its strong attack is replaced with some sort of battle cry that could distract enemies
magic staffs, aoe master, light attack has a small range, and heavy attack creates a circle in front of you that hits many enemies at once, with magic staff the combo is reversed, so instead of light light light its heavy heavy heavy
daggers, quick attacks and dodge, heavy attack places a spike trap that enemies walk into and take some damage
oh alsol, get all the base weapon types early on into the game, would be a waste if you unlock a weapon type way late into the game

-a compendium
  you know, a book that list every enemy or other power and other things, what enemy can drop, some npc lore maybe too, could be a possible unlock midway into the game or at the beggining of the game

-better enemy ground attacks telegraph
  what i mean is that sometimes its realy hard to tell if an attack of the enemy onto the ground is goin there, wich can lead into unexpected takin damage because the player could not see it comming at all

-damage immunity after taken damage
  could for sure be longer, im not even sure if that even is a thing at all, but for sure sould give a 2 second or so damage immune after gettin ressurrected by one of those powers, because right now you get revvived and instandly take damage without any reactions possible from the player

so that sould be it for now, i will add more things as things go along

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- ! icon over npc heads
  if an npc got something new in store, it sould be a good idea if they got an ! icon over there head so players know they got something new, and all new items sould alsol have an "new" icon next to it to tell easy whats new to the store

-no player stunlocks
  there were alot of enemies on the second boss, i say enemy spam even, too much for single player it feels like, and then you get hit ONCE and you cant move anymore and take ALOT of unfair unavoidable damage that way, it would be a good thing that the players cant get stunlocked like that and give the player some damage immune time if they take damage so they can actualy play and not unfairly take damage

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