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urgent adittion to the scrapbook

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With the exception of the little red explosive dot that leave one of the new nightmare creatures, the scrapbook does not indicate if an enemy deals plannar dmg or if it has plannar defense, in the case of the deadly brightshades there is not even a page for them.

After the introduction of the new armors, the boxers and the scrapbook, figuring out plannar stats and managing enemies with them is defenetly more of a fun thing to do, and i understand the scrapbook is a work in progress but i think to have this information in game is a priority.

And related to this i think is worth to mention that the scrapbook needs to have a "mechanics" page, here is an explanation of what i mean.

Plannar resistance is a mechanic of dredastone armor, brightshade armor and void armor. dreadstone helmet for example offers 5 plannar resistance, which block 5 plannar dmg, and dreadstone armor also has 5 plannar resistance, but here is the catch, it stacks.  so wearing the full set gives you 10 plannar resistance.

Stackable armor that doesnt work on percentages is something that while posible to discover by the our own, and with the scrapbook certainly helping, still being quite unintuitive.

Maybe the message that says that these armors have plannar resistance if clicked could show a new page that explains this mechanic.

This could also work for other mechanics like insulation, you click on the test and another message appear with "this items makes you lost temperature slower".

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