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Hey Klei, 

First of all. I wanna say that i love Don't Starve Together and It's one my most played games on steam.
With that said.

I've been playing DST for a long time. It's not until recently that I've noticed that getting the dessert google blueprints are extremely hard these days. I don't know why this came to be. Before, i only had to fish for maybe 2-6 days during the summer to get both Blueprints. 
Now. With my recent world. Ive spent over 3 summers of just fishing. I still havent gotten both blue print. I was lucky to get one of the blue print on my 3rd summer season. 
Is there an on-going bug or something? Or am I just unlucky?

Ps. My world is played on default without any server mods. 

Hopefully this message will reach you guys!
Thank you! Best regards from your average starving boi.

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