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Played for 1.5 hours and it's pretty much fun (Here some feedback)

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I created a list of negatives, positives suggestions and bugs you might wanna take a look at:

-Cursor is too big, haven’t found a slider for it, idk maybe there is one
-You need to get your Cursor on the select power button when wanting to use the power up crystal. You should remove the Left click Icon because I tried to do left click mid air

-Very cool graphics
-Cool game concept
-Interesting lore
-Some really cool animations
-Makes fun
-I really like how you can choose your patch sometimes, with  what is more important to you and they all have different loot
-New enemies over time

-I am not sure if it’s intended, but by spaming space+left (+direction with wasd) click you can travel faster
--Can’t hear character voices (Maybe they’re still work in progress, I guess because the playtest focuses of fighting)

-Add Cursor scale slider to the options
-Add a menu where you can look at combos you already discovered
-Longer the duration of runespeed after kill to 3 seconds instead of 2

Overall: I like the game, cool concept, not perfect yet ofc. cause it's a playtest. That's it from me, thank you for reading.


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