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Try to default-option the "Don't Starve Alone" mod on Consoles

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Well, i was thinking, and i think that's the only way to get rid of lag for Switch, PS and Xbox players. I'm not only talking about 'lag spikes' and whatever, but more important, the "input lag"


This mod solves all problems you could have while playing solo on PC, so why not inplement it on consoles? I don't know if someone will disagree, but playing on consoles is a real pain. If we could atleast get rid of input lag, i wouldn't have a problem with anything anymore. I think we don't get the love of the PC players, althought i payed for the game there too. Anyways, not like this gonna be listened by the devs too... 


If so, please, atleast talk about it.

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it would be cool with a world option where you can choose either two open servers everyone can switch through at any time, or only one being open at a time (requiring everyone to come to the caves to switch)


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