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Could we maybe have something for composting in these buttons? The "move to" for items in the new update is amazing and I think now that we have that, the only thing that really feels like it is missing is something for mass composting. It would make make the game experience much better, for me at least. Having to click on every individual eggshell (that I want composted instead of smashed for lime) and select compost is kind of tedious.

My current solution is to have one bin at a high priority for only eggshells. Then it will stack in the bin and you only have to press compost once. But I would rather just have a mass compost tool like we have for sweeping.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate everything you do : )  keep being awesome!


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I'd like to see the compost building updated with a "Select which materials to compost" list, a checkbox to toggle mutant seed use and a "Copy Settings" button.

On the other hand there are most likely more important things to work on and I don't mind just setting a smart bin up with automated notification and just clicking compost once every 20t.

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