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two questions need help

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the first one is:

Can players hold 2 power at once? i found no 'pick power' below, and i'm not sure if i could choose any power of the two.



the second is that i found a new attack method by repeatedly press 'light attack' and 'heavy attack' for 6 times , but i know it is not the correct way to trigger it, did any one know how to trigger it stable?



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okay, i dont know why i can pick another power since i have already own one power. Did it randomly or just a bug?692184841_QQ20230616214524.thumb.png.6be3f02b1f073e04ee23939b1075dfde.png

and of course i get another power this time



by the way, i have figure out how to trigger this, by pressing 'light attack' 3 times to get a different attack action and then press 'heavy attack' to trigger that action.

1 hour ago, dish-order man said:

did any one know how to trigger it stable?


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You can also tirgger the move by doing heavy attack -> light attack -> heavy attack :) 

The first ones probably a bug. I haven't encounterd it playing 10+ hrs yet.

Also not sure if this is intended but changing the direction of spear light attacks breaks the combo. You have to time well to continue the combo.

This allows you to cancle dodge as well. 


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5 hours ago, Ruze said:


Thank you for your response. I have figured out the reason for not being able to select the power. As a player who exclusively uses the keyboard, when I approached the "select power" crystal, I tried to open it using space. This caused the game to recognize me as a controller player, resulting in the absence of the "pick power" option below. However, when I used the mouse to open the crystal, everything worked fine.

i 100% think it should be a bug

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