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What happen to the Rarity feature in the Curio Cabinet tab?

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Ok, So I logged into DST to get my daily gift and go to the wardrobe to set some skins for my characters, but when I go to swap the filter to rarity my only two options are order by Duplicates or by Release Date. Like it’s not even an option anymore, it was straight up taken out of the game. I wanna know if this just an issue on my part or anyone else is experiencing this because I think there really was no reason to take it out if so. Also I just like to see my clothing items to be organized by rarity.

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On 6/26/2023 at 6:43 PM, bloopah said:


Huh, at least you have the feature still. What type of device do you use to play DST, (Console or PC) since I use a PS4 to play DST? My guess is that console is the issue. 

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