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Hello! I’m Peanut! I am an aspiring voice actress and writer. I also make art! I’ve been in the fandom since February.

This is where I’ve decided to show off some of my work mainly and solely related to DS, outside of my Twitter and Tumblr.

Here’s some of my art!


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Something else I’d like to bring up

I do art requests! If you have something you’d like me to draw (anything related to Don’t Starve) just ask for what you want and I’ll draw it for you!

Note: Submissions for requests can either be sent in my dms or here in the replies. They may/will open and close from time to time to prevent stress on my end.



Do NOT send me any weird art requests (so like anything NSFW. I don’t do that). Or really any weird replies/dms for that matter.

Do NOT interact with me if you are a problematic person (Basically like anyone that supports/condones/acts on stuff that’s morally wrong or basically illegal)

Do NOT interact with me if you’re under 13.


I believe that’s it for rules? I will add more if I ever need to. If you have any questions, either send me a dm or reply to this topic.

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I wanted to draw smth

so I drew smthIMG_7043.thumb.jpeg.40cb0bf0f8a225c771f132fa604cf9eb.jpeg

- Wes the Moonbound -

I’ve questioned what a Moonbound skin for Wes would be like, and I imagined him to be like a sandman pixie.

I thought his Moonbound would relate to sleep as Wes is a quiet character. I also didn’t really think him being a moon prodigy like the other Moonbound Survivors would fit him as well.

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