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Does not appear in the custom weapon category

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It might be weird because I'm using a translator Sorry in advance!

I'm looking for a way to put a dedicated weapon in a sample character.

I've read and created other forum posts, but strangely, they don't appear in the war category :concern:...

I changed the tag and category separately.



modmain.lua custom_handitem.lua

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You're using AddRecipe and RECIPETABS, which are both deprecated. If you want to use the new system, you could write something like this:

AddRecipe2("custom_handitem", {Ingredient("cutgrass", 2)}, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE, {builder_tag = "test_DST", atlas = "images/inventoryimages/custom_handitem.xml"}, {"WEAPONS"})

The last table is the one for filters, in this case I put "WEAPONS", but you can put as many as you'd like.

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