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Idea for how to make the multi-tools better

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The multi-tools(such as the pick/axe and the brightshade smasher) are expensive and to my knowledge not really used past the required uses(such as the pillars for the nightmare were-pig and the riftstalts). Because Klei has added tools such as the bright shade smasher in recent updates and are making required uses for multi-tools it seems that Klei is trying to make the tools used. I'm not sure where I heard this before but I heard that a way to fix the pick/axe was to make it refillable with nightmare fuel. In my opinion this is a great option, in the end game the cost for fights is often boiled down to nightmare fuel(with the bone armor and such) why not expand that to the tools as well? If you add more ways to use nightmare fuel to fuel thing then it can add a challenge to the later game of how to use your fuel, which can keep you on your toes a bit through the whole game. After your first ruins clear gold is no object, which makes tools just a chest and a craft away, which removes the resource management challenge of the early game. But if you make it so multi-tools can be refueled with nightmare fuel or absolute brilliance(depending how you craft it) and given multi-tools more power in destroying things(Chopping trees down, mining boulders, hoeing, etc faster than gold tools) then it can become viable for the player. Giving you a choice of ease(gold tools) or speed and inventory management(multi-tools)

TL;DR: Multi-tools would become an actual competitor to gold tules if A: They become faster than gold tools at getting their resources. and B: If they were refillable with either nightmare fuel or pure brilliance. 

Please feel free to add to this in the replies, have an amazing day!

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