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Prevent World Resetting when all online players are dead survival mode, or prevent respawning in Florid Postern in endless mode

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I want to run a dedicated DST server in survival keeping the same world without resetting.

So I'd like to remove the reset countdown when all online players are ghosts.
Or as an alternative, play in endeless mode, but prevent players from respawning in the Florid Postern endelessly, which would provide mostly the same experience.

I've tried this mod, but it seems to not work in the latest version anymore (556225): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1582864428. The last comments say that the feature has been added to the game, but I can't find anything about it..?

The alternative is trusting players to not stay in the server long enough for it to reset, or to not respawn through Florid Postern, but I'd really prefer to make this work.

Thanks in advance!

(Attached I send the crash report of the "Don't Reset World" mod)


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Hello, it is indeed in the game now

When you create a world, choose the Endless preset, then Disable the global world setting "Revive At Florid Postern"

Alternatively, choose the Survival preset, then Disable "Death Reset Timer" (and "Ghost Sanity Drain")

The result is the same

For Dedicated Servers, you can have these settings by editing your "worldgenoverride.lua" file. You have some of the settings available here:

For your case, you can have the ENDLESS preset, then add the override:

portalresurection = "none"


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That's exactly what I've been looking for, thank you!
I feel like those options or that file could be better documentated somewhere, but having it now gives me all the liberty I needed.

Thanks @b l a n k! :)

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