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[Release] Twitch Integration Mod

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I am releasing a Twitch Integration mod for Oxygen Not Included.  This mod allows Twitch chatters to affect a streamer's colony in real-time, doing all sorts of things, like spawning duplicants, creating new materials in inconvenient places, or causing everything to be overrun with critters.  There are 60 unique events in the mod, and other mods can add new events.  The events are based on a voting system where viewers are presented with a choice, and vote by typing the number of the vote they want in chat.  The option with the most votes wins, and ties are decided at random.

Currently Rocketry Expanded has added new events if you have it enabled, and Diseases Expanded will add new events when they are next updated when the beta branch is released.  Other mods also have plans to add new events.

The mod is available on the Steam Workshop right now.  More information, as well as a guide on how to start using the mod can be found on the website.  There's also a Discord that can provide support and will be where all future announcements are.

The Twitch Integration mod is only guaranteed to support the main release branch of the game.  Currently the beta branch works, but support is not guaranteed, as things break quickly.

Special thanks to the following people that have helped with this mod's creation:
Aki, Sgt_Imalas, and pether.pg are all modders that worked with me during the closed beta to make sure that mods could add new events.
LiveActionPixel for testing the mod and being very patient with all of the many, many bugs found during the beta.

For Modders

If you'd like to add events to your mod, there's Developer Documentation available, and a Local Release that includes the necessary library.  You can also join the Discord for support.

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Incredibly excited this is getting a release now! 

From a streamer point of view - absolutely loved using this mod! It created some very unique and fun interactions with my community!
From a viewer point of view - ohh man if you really want to make your favorite ONI streamer be put through their paces in the most chaotic was possible this is it.

Either way I personally highly recommend it & looking forward to my next colony run using it.

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