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Add new abilities to pets

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I know I'm not the first to write about pet abilities, but I just want to write what I think is possible, add abilities to them.

Vargling while spawning hounds can distract one hound, which is a little useful when there are a lot of them. It also increases the damage of regular spear and Wigrfried's spear.

Ewelet will allow you to get more wool when trimming bifalo or Ewecus. And also helps to reduce the time of taming bifalo.

Broodling cuts down on the intensity of summer heat and helps reduce rotting of fried food. Also in winter it allows you to save more heat if it is next to it.

You can add an ability to Kittykit that allows you to increase the speed of catching fish when fishing in the open sea. And in the pond, instead of one fish, two fish were caught. Also add to him so that after a while he spit out rot from himself (like cat hair).

To Glomglom, you can add an acceleration of Glomer's mucus secretion while standing or being next to him. Also, to make the pet a little more useful in close contact (i.e. standing close to the pet), the mind was slightly increased.

An ability can be added to Giblet that allows Giblet to collect seeds that are near the player and bring them to the player. And also add that next to the eggs on the ground they spoil less and hatch faster Hatching Tallbird Egg. Also helps keep fruit flies away from vegetables (but does not fight) while you are fighting Lord of the Fruit Flies.

Friendly Peepers:
Friendly Peeper allows you to see other players at a great distance (I mean the icon when the player is nearby). You can also add a speed buff to him when eating dairy food.

*The only thing I can suggest for Mothling is that butterflies will start appearing from flowers more often when he is near flowers.

Also, with the improvement of the "Character of the Pet", some abilities will improve slightly, but not much. 

For example: Critters with the personality "Cocky" helps to drive away not one, but two fruit flies. With the "Skillful" character, he collects seeds and giving him some kind of vegetable will create seeds of this type (like a bird in a cage). With the "Peppy" character, it helps the player take care of vegetables (like Friendly Fruit Fly). With the character "Chubby", the percentage of reduction in egg rot increases.


Also, each pet can add some minus, in addition to screams.

  • Vargling can only eat meat and if not fed, he will start screaming and looking for meat in the refrigerator, chests and somewhere on the ground. Moreover, when he finds and eats meat, pet points will not increase;
  • Ewelet will start eating grass or branches that are near it when hunger. This will make it difficult to collect branches and grass, especially in winter. He can also only eat twigs, grass, berries, flowers, and beefalo food;
  • Broadling will start setting fire underneath him, this will be especially annoying if he's hungry and he's at the base (like Willow when she's low on sanity);
  • Kittykit when he is hungry will start throwing items out of the chests or from the player's inventory (like a frog when it hits you, only without damage);
  • Glomglom will significantly lower sanity when hungry and increase the player's hunger reduction percentage (like bringing the player);
  • Giblet will start not to collect seeds, but to eat them when hungry. Will also increase food rotting in the player's inventory;
  • Friendly Peepers will reduce the player's visibility when hungry (similar to desert sandstorms).


I just wanted to write something about pets and how to take care of them, and not just follow the player. Personally, Mothling has saved me from darkness many times, so I usually take it whenever possible.

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