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Xbox and Console Versions needs Help!

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Look guys, i know you've been busy with all the cool updates, but this game needs a HUGE QOL update on consoles. Like, it's just so unfunny to play there, while the players on Steam get 100% the right experience we should be getting too.


I would point 3 things in particular


-Priority over Mobs while fighting.

°Like, If you're fighting something or want to fight, why would you prioritize a wall or a secondary object? That just don't make Sense.


-Offline mode both for PC and Consoles (ofc)

°While i get why this would be hard to do, since the game code it's something hard to change, this desperately needs to be implemented. I like playing solo, and i'm not alone, so why should i be punished for it getting input lag or lag compensation (whick bugs the hitboxes)? This really, REALLY, needs to be implemented AFAP.


-Mouse/Keyboard for console

°Meh, if it comes, ok, if not i'm Fine, as long as you REMOVE the damn input lag from the second statement i just made



I don't know if you're gonna read this, delete it or even ignore It. But just so you guys know, you're all amazing for all these incredible updates you've been pulling out to this incredible game...

But don't you guys agree that the experience of a QOL comes first than the content itself? 


I want the best for everyone, sorry if you guys can't do it, but i REALLY want it all to happen


(Also, Sorry if bad English, i'm Brazilian)

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