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Rift Boulder Suggestions

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I am finding these to be piling up after a while of ignoring them and like the Brightshades they are becoming a chore with their permanence.

I suggest having a cap to the number that spawns as I've seen you can get anywhere from 3-12 in one earthquake. This will allow for Antlion to remain unique in providing more at once while still being able to use explosives to farm them for decoration. And if they are capped perhaps they can also be adjusted to spawn later in the quake so the warning time is more like Antlion's.

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As I mentioned before, having them destroy on impact is a good solution as they'd still be dangerous obstacles that requires dodging, while not cluttering things for people who care about the map, with only a few of the boulders surviving the impact. That'd make dealing with them afterwards easier as well as cluttering being much more slower. If people wanted boulders they'd still be able to get them.

An idea widely proposed is having some sort of structure act as defense which'd prevent boulders form appearing inside of an area, earthquakes will still happen and still drop what it usually does, just never boulders. Antlion can remain unique in bypassing this protection to attack you.

A limit on how many Deadly Brightshades can exist at a time does sound like a welcomed change, either old ones disappearing or preventing new ones from appearing, especially seeing lunar and shadow rifts are a permanent world change.

I also previously mentioned a shadow craft could be some sort of Dreadstone scarecrow that defends crops and plantations around it from being attacked by Brightshade Gestalts. It makes too much sense to me.

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