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Improvements to the new materials economy

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I would like to start this topic by the fact that even tho the new materials economy in this beta is much better comparing to the last one, it is not ideal and requires some improvements.

So I don't have any problems with farming pure nightmare fuel. The fighting with fused shadelings is extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. Each of them drops 3 pure nightmare that allows to collect the decent amount in the short period of time. (however, I was kinda surprised by their health pool, feels kinda wrong considering their size and appearance)

The biggest concern for me are Dark Tatters, the new material which you can get by killing new mini bosses, Ink Blights, from nightmare fissures. For killing them you can get about 6 dark tatters on average. This number is comparable to one brightshade wave, that ususally spawns around 3 brightshades dropping 2 husks each.

But there's the big difference between getting this materials >

  1. Ink Blights take 3 days to respawn comparing to 2 days for brightshades
  2. Only 1 dreadstone outcrop spawning these enemies can exist in the world, limiting the potential dark tatters outcome
  3. Ink Blights are significantly harder enemies comparing to bright shades, requiring some decent preparation
  4. Brightshades spawn in the player's gardens making the possibility of controlling their spawn points. However, to get dark tatters player have to visit the fissures in the caves, that is again requires additional time.

Considering all above, It is clear that dark tatters are much harder resource to get. To my subjective opinion I would say that each dark tatter is worth at leat 2 husks. The problem is, that the new armor is crafted from the same amount of dark tatters as the brighsthade armor from husks. (Chest armor costs 4 tatters comparing to 4 husks, head slot 2 tatters comparing to 2 husks respectively), which leads to the conclusion that new armor costs almost twice as brightshade armor while not providing any benefits to be so costly. In this regard, the scythe comes better in line, costing only 1 dark tatter (3 husks for Brightshade sword). To get the reasonable amount of tatters the player is forced to use green gem duplication, that kills the attractiveness of hunting new creatures.

My suggestion to solve this problem would be decreasing the cost of armor, from 4 tatters to 2 for chest and from 2 tatters to 1 for head slot. It would make their cost much more reasonable and comparable to the scythe. Another solution in this forum was increasing the spawn rate of Ink Blights. I think their spawn rate is in the decent spot. 3 days is not a lot, and making this timer shorter does not change much (Are we really going to look for Ink Blights every 1/2 days to kill them? Don't think so). The cost disproportional is bigger problem in my opinion.

Another problem is related to the dreadstone walls. 4 dreadstone walls cost 4 dreadstone, which is insanely overcosted considering the fact how hard the process of getting the dreadstone is. I don't understand how 4 pieces of wall cost the same amount as 1 Dreadstone helmet. In comparison, thulecite crown is crafted from 4 thulecite which is enough to create 24 thulecite walls. That is what I call the good economy. Decoration items should cost significantly less than the items with practical use, and since dreadstone walls don't provide any specific benefits I don't see the reason for them to cost so much. I would suggest changing the craft to 1 dreadstone for 4 walls. (To prevent potential hammer duplication each destroyed wall should have 25 percent chance to drop dreadstone)

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