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What's the deal with Scrapbook pages?

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So far, I'm absolutely in love with the scrapbook. It offers a good amount of insight to the items and creatures in the Constant, and while I know what most of the game has to offer, I still find myself obsessively scrolling through it, inspecting everything that ive documented so far. However, there's one thing that's related to the scrapbook that I haven't seen anyone mention yet, and that's scrapbook pages. So far, I've found them from digging up graves and I'm not too sure what they do. I assumed they worked like blueprints, perhaps giving me a random scrapbook entry I've yet to document, but the only thing I can do is inspect them. I couldn't trade them with the PK and I'm not sure if you get papyrus from them at a cartographers desk, so their use is beyond me. If anyone could offer any insight to this new item, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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