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Quick few suggestions

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A lot of feedback has been given for the current beta. Here are some things I have like and some things I want changed


Firstly, for the sake of both events and a common issue people seem to have - you can’t seem to turn off the events without messing with settings. Plenty of propositions have been made, but it would be great if there was some sort of station you could make that could be fed some sort of item to turn these events off. Similar to how you can edit the spawn portal the change characters, it would be nice to see something there with a new idol item. 


Secondly, another post was created talking about the lack of counter to acid rain while caving. While it is semi redundant to put it here, I believe that the umbrella should be made into a light source/weapon hybrid, similar to the morning star. With 1 piece of armor, it could have a light radius of 2-3 tiles. With both pieces, it could have the light radius and a damage value increase to 50. 

Thirdly, there seems to be a little issue with the earthquakes dropping full boulders and causing issues for cave bases. I think this could be circumvented by adding yet another form of roofing, similar to the overworld’s mega trees that protect from rain and fire. This could be used as a catch all for cave bases, protecting from every form of event, and maybe providing a source of light. 


This final bit of feedback is less related to the form of the event and what the current items do. It would be cool to get another magic item and a trap. For example, a new shadow magic staff with yet another staff that can burn something with shadow flame for a decent amount of damage. Maybe this can be used to burn things like trees, too, but instead of creating Ashe it creates nightmare fuel.

And then a trap would be cool, though I am sure some people will critique it as being unnecessary and pointless - but it would be nice to have a new shadow trap that can be placed to spring up and do damage or maybe acts like a mini Houndius Shootius with a durability of only a few shots (but obviously, refuelable).


Anyways that’s it for my suggestions. I love where these updates are going and I look forward to the rifts getting crazy and spawning giants to fight. 

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