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Update and what do I think is coming?

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I'm not psychic anymore today based on the camp klei developers are taking, I think we can guess what their evil plans are for the survivor in the future.

A couple of months ago I opened a discussion about what would be an idea for Wilson's rework where I talked about the possibility of Wilson becoming a guide character with the introduction of a mechanic that I called "Wilson's field notes diary" and by coincidence or not they brought a bestiary that reminds me of the concept that I had described in the topic and particularly that makes me happy to know that Klei is always lurking listening to us.

I think everyone must have noticed that the last updates have been bringing weapons and armor, but why bring items like these when at the point where we're going to have no one to use them. I think the answer is simple... they are thinking of new ways to screw us, that is, new bosses, events and maybe even biomes that without the new items would be inaccessible or just a suicidal thought of entering.


Some points about the work that I would like to touch are:
- The game now has two main progression lines which consist of killing the Nightmare Fuel boss or killing its Heavenly Champion counterpart. However, something that bothers me is how the celestial champion's route seems more laborious, I don't know if it's just an impression.
- I think that the idea of progressing in the routes should not be the only factor in increasing the difficulty within the game, the seasons are great, but after the first year they cease to be a problem and become a repetition of what we have already seen several times. When I say that the world should be more hostile over the years, I'm not saying that the world should have more dogs in the hordes that attack us (nowadays they are more interesting and less annoying), I'm saying that we need to increase the difficulty of the world in terms of resources, events (Season or not) and bosses (Season or biome, whether new or not), so that we are motivated to follow the progressions in the routes.


But maybe the developers are already thinking about it, but in any case I love the update and thanks a lot to the Klei developers!

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