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Music Mod Tool - music is looped for whole day

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Hi there!

I've been making music mod for DST based on open source tutorials to enjoy some time with my friends.

Everything was fine until I realised that the first track selected to play is looped again till the end of the day (same goes for dusk and night). I have a lot of music tracks added (around 20) to the autumn day (music_work) and I expected them to be played without repeates during the season(I chose "Random no repeat" play mode in FMOD designer). Instead, one track is being played during the whole day. What's worse, the selected track can be the same on the next day (happened with my friend), which shouldn't happen at all. Upon entering combat the music is changing, but upon exiting combat it's the same music again (still looped). I tried switching to other play modes in FMOD designer, but it didn't help. Changing music to play only when "busy" ain't an option and the issue still remains.

As I understand, this may be written somewhere in the game scripts that during one day, there will be only one possible music for work. I looked into modmain.lua and dynamicmusic.lua but didn't find anything related to music looping. Same goes to Google or forum search - I haven't encountered similar issues and possible solutions.

I would appreciate any help or advice regarding this issue!

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