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The Nature of Insanity and Lunacy

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They both may mean crazy, but there's a difference in the way the game presents insanity and lunacy. They seem to refer to attitudes, where insanity is driven by fear and lunacy by hubris, both unreceptive to new ideas. Shadow-inspired gear tends to be focused on survival while lunar-inspired gear on narrowly doing things better.

There's not much to say about the fear aspect except that it is something shadow creatures can sense. Dreadstone gear adds the idea of using the mind to protect the body, similar to Night Armor.

The Lunar side has had more exposition, with Alter being a hivemind entity that can send its energy to possess inanimate objects (using bodies to protect the mind). It attempts to pacify the player in order to advance its own goals. On another note, the Lunar Rifts parallel the experienced player invading the world to destroy and rebuild it to their own ideal.

I had thought that this would be more fleshed out, but I'll leave it for now. What are your thoughts on it?

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I consider insanity and lunacy to be opposite extremes of "sanity" (for lack of a better word). Insanity makes the survivors more aware, it allows them to see the shadows all around them and also attract them. It is "unlocked" with stress and the lack of sleep. Lunacy requires the opposite: the survivors need to be relaxed and are encouraged to sleep and rest, which makes them less aware. You can think of it like this: if both meters were fused into one, insanity would be in the lowest point, lunacy in the highest and "normality" in the middle (max sanity / 0 lunacy). The stage of lunacy is not normally reachable by humans, with is why it can happen only in direct influence of the moon.

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